Whether you are in the process of moving to a new place or you are sending some items for shipment, using custom corrugated boxes can benefit you in many ways. These boxes are sturdy and could stand up to the repeated bumps and impacts during the process of moving and shipping. Thus, your items will be fully protected against damages. (ECHO CARTONS)

Custom corrugated boxes are a lightweight and cost-effective way to pack things. If you’re moving to a new home or to a new office building and you have some bulky items that are too fragile to be packed in a typical moving box, then the custom corrugated boxes would be the best solution. Read on to find out more reasons why these boxes are truly the best choice.

Right Size Packaging

When packing items to be moved or shipped, it’s important that you store them in boxes that have the most appropriate size. Using boxes that are too large for the items may require the need to include packaging materials to keep the contents from shifting and moving during transportation, which could potentially damage them. Using additional packaging materials could cost you more money and is not environment-friendly. Also, even if you’re using packaging materials, there’s still a possibility that the items inside the box could get damaged due to the constant movement.

On the other hand, using boxes that are too small for your items is obviously not a good idea. If you force the stuff into a small box, it could eventually explode during the process of moving. Custom corrugated boxes are made according to the specific size and shape of the items that you plan on storing inside. Therefore, you can be guaranteed that your items will be safe during transportation and shipment.

Save Money on Shipping

If you’re going to use the box to ship items, then you can benefit from the fact that almost all major freight carriers nowadays are using dimensional weight pricing. Also known as volumetric weight, this pricing method would charge more if you’re going to ship items in larger boxes.

By storing the items in boxes that are most suitable to their size, you would be able to save more money on the shipping cost. Custom corrugated boxes may cost you more money, but it’s going to save you more money in the cost of shipping. Remember that most of the freight carriers and package delivery companies in Australia are now applying the volumetric weight for shipping charges and delivery fees.

Lightweight and Convenient

The process of moving to a new place is stressful in itself. You can make the process less stressful and hassle-free by using custom corrugated boxes in packing your stuff. These boxes are sized accordingly so you won’t have to worry about not fitting all your items into the box.

The boxes are also very lightweight so it will be easy and convenient to carry your stuff around during the process of moving. Because of the convenience that it comes with, you may not have to hire people to carry the boxes for you, which will save you money in the process. Enhanced Value Among Retailers

If you are a retailer and you plan on using the custom boxes to ship items to your consumers, you can benefit from the fact that these custom made boxes can create a positive impression on your consumers. These boxes are well designed and visually appealing, providing valuable support to your branding efforts while enhancing value on your products and services.

In this day and age of the social media, the last thing you want is to receive a negative feedback or complaint from your customers because of bad packaging. Using custom corrugated boxes in packing your items is one way to build a good reputation on the World Wide Web and encourage customer loyalty.

Easy Labelling When using the boxes to move to a new place, it’s absolutely important that you label them properly. That way, you will know what items are kept inside each box. Labelling is also beneficial if you are hiring a moving company because movers need to know where these boxes are to be placed in your new place.

One of the benefits of investing in custom corrugated cardboard boxes is that you will have an option to have a list of items printed on the outside. The boxes are also easy to write on since they are usually blank, unlike if you use recycled boxes in packing your stuff. You also have the option to have the boxes printed in different colours, which makes it easier for you to identify what items are kept inside each box through colour coding.

Keeps your Items Safe and Secure

From the name itself, the custom corrugated boxes are made from corrugated cardboard. The corrugated design enhances the protection that the boxes can give to the items. Because of this, you no longer need to add any other materials as cushioning. The boxes are made from durable cardboard that could withstand the constant movement during transportation.

Advertising at No Added Cost

You are free to decide on whatever design you want for your custom corrugated boxes. If you are a retail company and you’re using the boxes to ship items to your consumers, you can have the box printed with your logo along with marketing messages designed to catch the attention of your target consumers. This opportunity can greatly enhance your marketing efforts without spending more money on advertising.


The custom corrugated boxes are made from cardboard materials that are biodegradable and environment-friendly. They are completely recyclable and were produced in an energy-efficient environment. Therefore, if you’re going to use these boxes, you are somehow making an effort to help save the environment.

By investing in custom corrugated cardboard boxes, you can enjoy all the benefits stated above. What’s more, these custom made boxes are available at affordable prices and you can even get discounts if you will order them in bulk. So whether you’re moving to a new place soon or sending out some items for shipment, these boxes are certainly a great choice!