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At Platform Digital our end-to-end service in web design and development allows us to deliver a desired business outcome for your online endeavor.

Our web solutions are results-focused and brand-driven. Small, medium or large - We can help you.

Introducing WEBSTARTâ„¢
Custom Designed and Built Websites with Integrated Content Management System. Competitively Priced.
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Our dedication to both aesthetics and usability will optimise your customer's online experience.

These days people are very time-short and information rich, valuing gut-feeling more than information. This is where aesthetics plays the critical role of being able to influence a potential customer, by ensuring that their online experience sends the right message to your brand. Usability determines how well they interact with your brand online, adding to your customer’s total experience. By combining both of these essential factors and setting our eyes on the bigger picture, we are able to evaluate, collaborate and innovate all aspects of your website.

Design plays a critical role to our work.

We believe that design and creativity is the link between the audience and the underlying technology. Our designers work closely with programmers to ensure that each website we create is technologically cutting edge, functionally sophisticated and enjoyable to use.

We offer the following web-focused services;

  • - Insightful account planning
  • - Stunning design concepts (brand-focused)
  • - Expert planning and website specification that work seamlessly with your in-house capabilities
  • - Simple content websites with or without a content management system
  • - High-end websites including e-commerce capabilities
  • - Information architecture design
  • - Usability and accessibility optimisation
  • - Web hosting and domain name registration
  • - Ongoing support and post-launch service