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Platform Digital - Developing customer loyalty - one email at a time.

If you need a cost effective and strategic way to reach your audience then email marketing is an essential weapon in hitting your target.

With our big picture approach, introducing eDM into your marketing mix has never been easier and so precise.

Our unrivaled experience and charismatic approach to this medium will help you maximise your email incentives and increase your profits. We understand that big picture marketing is about long term relationships and customer loyalty. By exploiting this versatile and cost effective tool you can send highly targeted, tightly personalised, relationship building messages to your customers.

We are here to help you optimise your customer’s experience throughout the lifetime of their association with your brand by helping you plan and execute your contact strategy and frame your messages to make sure they are on brand and increase your return on marketing investment.

Our end-to-end level of service covers all aspects of the process:

  • - Campaign planning and management
  • - Creative development and production (including copy writing)
  • - List acquisition and management
  • - Broadcast
  • - Tracking and Reporting

Our experience enables us to provide you with advice in the following areas:

  • - Communication budget planning and optimisation
  • - ROI measurement and weighing the cost versus benefits balance
  • - Database analysis, audience identification and segmentation
  • - Communication strategy development and management