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The AlwaysOn technology innovation conference touches down in Australia in April — and if you’re part of our global business community you should be there!

Over the last decade, business, technology and communication have changed. While they have become bigger and more advanced as a result of new ideas and increased investment, they have also compacted as we’ve become more global and everyone can be connected by the click of a button. Coming together globally to share innovation and best practice has never been more important, and no more so than in the field of technology itself.

For the first time, global technology conference, AlwaysOn, will be held in Sydney, Australia, in April 2013.

With 50% of Australia’s exports now attributed to technology-related industries, the conference acknowledges the role our country has to play in future innovation. It is an exceptional opportunity to share knowledge and network with experts and entrepreneurs from around the world. It will give attendees access to the latest ideas and introduce new practices that will influence the way we all do business.

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of the event is the opportunity it presents for Australian businesses to expand further into the global market. With the nearby influence from more stable Indian and Chinese government bodies, and rapid expansion in these and surrounding countries, the Asia Pacific region is now being acknowledged for the tremendous opportunities it can offer in technological advancement and innovation. The conference will bring together experts, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists, and create new avenues through which Australia and the US can collaborate in this region.

The event will span two days and will feature local keynote speakers such as Niki Scavek and Phaedon Stough, in conjunction with global experts from Done Basile and Violin Memory. It will also offer keynote presentations, panel debates and showcases from CEOs from highly influential companies.

The AlwaysOn technology conference will present a valuable opportunity that no business related to the digital field — and that’s now most of us — can afford to miss out on. If your business is influenced by web design and development, advancing mobile devices and mobile sites, or you have a communication strategy that promises your company will remain up-to-date with the latest technology, this conference is for you.

If you would like to register to attend AlwaysOn Australia, register online at

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