Project Detail.

Luxury Boat Syndicates

Using strategic design, usability and innovative technology to create a bespoke solution for Luxury Boat Syndications.

The custom built solution successfully supports the brand’s distinctive online proposition, which, through a unique system, allows boat owners to customise, manage and control their bookings through a balanced booking and communication platform. The site’s secure communication environment ensures the timely response from management, where the smart built-in algorithms also control day, weekend and longer-term bookings and availability according to specific ownership rules and regulations.

Through a sophisticated look and feel that has been based on qualitative competitor and market research, the site is appealing to the luxury boat owner market, and considers all user-types within the audience’s demographic. A dedicated mobile site has also been launched assuring that potential and existing owners access the site with ease. The strategy was supported by email marketing, SEO, offsite promotional deals and user-created shortlists, all of which aim to increase sales conversions.

Jump On It (Now Living Social)

Using strategic design, usability and media to create, produce and position Jump On It successfully as one of Australia’s most successful online group buying sites.

Jump On It, one of Australia’s largest online buying collectives, approached Platform to design and create a brand identity and a suite of websites aimed at appealing to an aesthetically demanding, web-savvy, female-dominated audience. After applying the brand across various touch-points, our next challenge was to design the main consumer site, with the audience in mind, providing them with a truly positive and exciting online shopping experience.

The strategy was supported by email marketing, innovative social media tactics, SEO, onsite promotional deals and user-created shortlists, all of which aim to increase sales conversions and promote deal types. Our deep understanding of consumer behaviour across the online space allowed us to work with Jump On It, focusing on the use of design to effectively position its product — capturing over 1,000,000 Australians each day.

Kmart Tyre & Auto

Helping a well-known brand gain favour online

Platform was commissioned by Kmart Australia to help build Kmart Tyre & Auto’s brand through online channels. Prior to the launch of Kruise News, the exclusive member database for KTAS was weak and online interest in the brand was low. After conducting a survey, we found customers were looking for something more from the campaigns — something ‘in-tune’ with everyday motoring life.

Our creative answer was to develop a sub-brand for KTAS that would became a tangible brand-building tool. The launch of Kruise News has helped transform the KTAS brand, by offering its exclusive customers with an informative, high-response generating e-newsletter publication that is targeted towards everyday Australian motorists. Through our consultation, each issue now provides customers with highly relevant news, engaging advice, appealing offers, and exclusive competitions.

Works TV

Using intelligent wire framing, UI design and creative to help launch Works TV for active jobseekers across Australia.

Works TV is an innovative marketing platform that has allowed many job advertisers to better promote employment opportunities using vide streaming across pc and mobi channels. Our task was to intelligently design the wireframes and user interface of both, the main and mobile sites, so that it would best appeal, engage and compel active jobseekers.

With the audience in mind, and in collaboration with Work TV’s internal development team, the site provides prospective job seekers with a positive and exciting job search and application experience.


A new website for Redpoint’s effective expansion into new markets.

A large wholesaler of batteries, oils and filters, RedPoint approached Platform to work on a full rebrand as part of a new marketing strategy that would see the business expand into the Australian retail market. Our first step was to help the company liberate itself from its previous name, which restricted the business from successfully entering into other markets.

From there, our next task was to design the brand identity, produce brand launch advertisements across traditional and digital media (including TV), and design, develop and launch RedPoint's e-commerce site for a variety of customer-types. The website design —based on the silhouette of a battery, in conjunction with the logo symbol — uses innovative CMS technology and a user-friendly interactive navigation to bring the brand to life in an informative and engaging way.

Forni d’Italia

Helping a niche Italian product make its way into Australian homes and restaurants.

Forni D’Italia is an exclusive Australian importer of superior commercial and domestic wood fire products from Italy. Platform was commissioned to help cross-position the brand from its Italian wholesale origins to the more challenging Australian retail and wholesale markets. Our involvement includes the redesign of Forni’s brand identity, marketing communications and website to help with its Australian launch.

The distinct, user-friendly website provides both retail and wholesale markets with a highly informative, interactive presentation. Our involvement has helped Forni D'Italia reach a stronger position within a niche and highly competitive market.

Jamaica Coffee Trading Co

A site for lovers of Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee.

A niche producer of fine Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, Jamaica Coffee Trading Co approached Platform to design its brand identity, packaging and e-commerce website for its Australian launch in 2010. To produce optimal results, our approach was to help the founders define and introduce the essence of the brand and the strong heritage of the product to Australian coffee connoisseurs through well-articulated messages, innovative design and an expression of Jamaican heritage.

This e-commerce site was built using the Joomla E-commerce platform and provides customers with a simple interface and reliable shopping experience.


Bringing Aurobindo’s Australian profile to new heights with a pharmacy orientated website and online marketing strategy.

Among the largest pharmaceutical companies in Asia, Aurobindo Pharma Australia has exclusively appointed Platform Digital® to develop, execute and manage its entire marketing strategy and communications. Our efforts included the holistic planning, development and execution of Aurobindo’s official 2012 Australian launch across online-based B2B platforms.

Through our thorough research and brand development exercise, our work has allowed Aurobindo to gain a steady brand position, which is rapidly growing in favour by many pharmacy‘s – Australia wide. As well as creating their Australian site and a digital strategy targeting Australian pharmacies, we have developed online sales-friendly tools, allowing Aurobindo to specifically tailor communications necessary to suit each unique segment type within the Australian retail pharmacy sector.

Next Financial

Helping Next achieve a stronger market presence with dealers and investors, through online channels.

Platform Digital has also been responsible for Next’s online communications, including the design of the firm's latest extranet site. Aimed at investors and advisers, the new extranet provides its audience with user-friendly navigation that seamlessly enables each user to locate important information with ease, appealing design and brand orientated aesthetics, and flexible customisation capabilities for sub-branding purposes.

Our involvement in strategy development and execution of ongoing email marketing campaigns and communications has also helped Next Financial grow its client database significantly. Our unified approach to branding has assisted the firm in building its brand and client relationships through regular email communications and incentives. We have also been able to provide the firm with enriched insights about its clients, through depth reporting and analysis.

Lamborghini Sydney

An exclusive message for a very exclusive automobile.

As part of the launch of Lamborghini’s new model, we were privileged to help Lamborghini Sydney communicate its new model release to an exclusive list of potential buyers through an email, micro site and online registration form.


Using strategic design to effectively position Spurr within the highly competitive online group buying space.

Platform was engaged by Spurr to design, build and launch its online collective buying website. Involved from day one, Platform designed all aspects of the brand and its touch-points, with particular focus on the business’ marketing flagship – the complete design, development and launch of the official Spurr website.

The aesthetics were particularly and carefully selected to appeal to the target demographic – where unlike its competitors at the time, the offers on the site was gender neutral. The design is supported by user-friendly functionality and its simplicity has contributed to its unique difference.

NRMA & Peninsular Motor Group

Simplicity heightens the message.

A collaboration between NRMA and Peninsular Motor Group, Platform was selected as the digital partner to create a series of online communications, which included a online banner advertisement campaign. Our approach was to assure that the message was simple and compelling to capture and generate a high level of interest during the entire duration of the campaign.

My Cosmetic Clinic

The redesign of My Cosmetic Clinic’s website to better serve patient enquiries and questions.

As part of My Cosmetic Clinic’s rebranding exercise, Platform Digital was responsible for the practice’s website re-design and development. Our approach was to simplify the enquiry process, by providing patients with a user-friendly interface for the efficient presentation of information on each procedure.

An online booking system is integrated with the site along with a responsive enquiry form for assisting with specific treatment-related questions and concerns. The site is a critical brand touch point for the practice, allowing it to generate new leads through effective online marketing strategies, such as live chat, email marketing and search marketing.

Sydney Shelving

The redesign of SSRS’s website as part of a new business strategy.

As part of Sydney Shelving’s (SSRS) new marketing strategy, Platform Digital was engaged to design a site that would help the business position itself more effectively against its competitors./P>

Through our collaborative site planning process, we assisted the business to evolve and redefine itself to better suit the commercial shelving market.

The relaunch of the business through the new website has enabled the owners to promote SSRS more confidently through traditional and online channels.