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Wilson HTM Investment Group Limited

Brand Asset Management - Digital Communication - Various Pieces.

The Objectives:
  • - Design the brand identity for a series of investor conferences
  • - Create an eye-catching and informative website banners and e-invitations
  • - Decrease communication costs by transferring various communication items from print to online
The Process:
  • - Brand identity design and application for individual events - (FocusOnCoal and OilandGas Conference Series)
  • - Banner and e-Invitation creative and production
  • - Online programme creative and production
  • - Offline communications creative and production
In Detail:
Wilson HTM Investment Group (WIG) are an Australian investment and advisory group for the private and corporate markets. The company is partially owned by Deutsche Bank and actively holds investment conferences in the areas of resources, life sciences as well as many other sectors. WIG engaged Platform to develop the brand identity for the each conference series - each carrying its own unique identity that unified with the WIG brand.

Due to the complexity of the project, we appreciated that it was crucial to design and build email templates and banners that both expressed the individuality of each event, but also illustrated the cohesion of each under the bigger, WIG brand. Therefore, separate templates and banners were devised for each conference. On top of this Platform Digital converted existing promotional artwork into HTML emails and redeveloped WIG's registration forms.

The Results:
  • - Unified branding across online and offline material
  • - Improved market perception
  • - Reduction in production and communication expenses by transferring certain communication pieces from print to digital