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Next Financial Limited

Extranet Design, Brand Asset Management - Digital Communications, and Digital Marketing (Email Marketing Strategy, Creative and Production).

The Objectives:
  • - Design an extranet site that aims to provide advisers and investors with a more positive online experience from previous versions
  • - Plan and execute a series of email campaigns to align with new product launches and events
  • - Decrease communication costs by transferring various communication items from print to online
The Process:
  • - Product identity design and application
  • - Enhancement of brand across digital media
  • - Extranet planning and design
  • - Digital marketing strategy and management
  • - Database management and analytical reporting
  • - Online application design and development
In Detail:
A specialist in equities and derivatives, Next Financial is a private investment manager offering investors with a range of innovative wealth enhancing solutions. Platform Digital has been exclusively engaged in numerous brand and communication projects, including the design of the firm's latest extranet site. Aimed towards investors and advisers, the new extranet provides its audience with; user-friendly navigation that seamlessly allows each user to hunt important information with ease, appealing design and brand orientated aesthetics, and flexible customisation capabilities for sub-branding purposes.

Platform Digital has also been responsible for the strategy development and execution of ongoing email marketing campaigns and communications which has helped Next Financial grow its client database significantly. Our unified approach to branding has help the firm build its brand and client relationships through regular email communications and incentives. We have also been able to provide the firm with enriched insights about its clients through deep-level reporting and analysis.

The Results:
  • - Increased level of interest in Next Financial's products and services through eDM campaigns (including an average open rate of beyond 30% per launch)
  • - Expected increase in client satisfactory levels through launch of new extranet
  • - Database growth for DM strategies
  • - Increased brand awareness