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Kmart Australia Limited

Email Marketing Strategy, Execution and Management (including Creative and Production), Online Brand Strategy and Launch

The Objectives:
  • - Increase brand awareness towards the Kmart Tyre & Auto Service division by building a sub-brand aimed at everyday Australian motorists - strategically named Kruise News
  • - Engage customers with the brand online through a more attractive, more informative, and value-adding e-newsletter series
  • - Help KTAS improve customer insights
  • - Increase website visits and staying time
  • - Help build and maintain the subscriber database
The Process:
  • - Brand audit and market research
  • - Brand strategy and management
  • - Strategic email marketing planning and end-to-end management
  • - Creative and technical production
  • - Content research and development
  • - Database management, maintenance, and member growth strategy
  • - Deep-level reporting and customer insights through activity reporting and analysis

In Detail:
The launch of Kruise News has helped transform the Kmart Tyre & Auto Service (KTAS) brand, by offering its exclusive customers with an informative, high-response generating e-newsletter publication that is targeted towards everyday Australian motorists. Through our consultation, each issue now provides customers with appealing and exclusive offers and competitions, relevant news and engaging advice.

The deep-level reporting and online surveying provided by our service, including campaign analysis and management, has assisted KTAS with improving their insights into the needs and interests of their customers.

Kruise News is now a powerful tool that helps Kmart Australia Limited better its sub-brand for an increased return on marketing investment.

Our exclusive engagement has helped Kruise News become more ‘in-tune’ with the needs and interests of its intended audience - the Australian motorist.

The Results:
  • - The statistics for each launch consistently deliver impressive results, where the click-to-open and click-through rates have excelled industry standards
  • - A significant increase of website visits, enquiries and online staying time
  • - Database growth and improved brand image