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Palisade Investment Partners

Website Planning, Design and Development

The Objectives:
  • - Design and build a website that articulates the company’s services and products
  • - Design and build a website that carries a high level of flexibility and usability
  • - Attract Search Engines with content richness and SEO techniques
  • - Hold visitors for longer through a user-friendly navigation and informative home page
The Process:
  • - Enhancement of brand touch points and key messages
  • - Website navigation planning and flowchart development
  • - Website design and development
  • - Launch management and ongoing maintenance
In Detail:
Palisade Investment Partners engaged Platform Digital to plan, design, and develop a corporate style, brand focused website to assist in the promotion of the firm's products and services online. As well as offering users with a user-friendly navigation for easy flow, the site also provides current and potential investors with insights into the company’s funds and people. The home page is designed to ensure maximum impact and visually aligns with the vision and mission of the firm.

Usability has been optimised through a well-planned and designed navigation. Each user is able to view detailed information on specific funds through a single click from the home page, adding to the site’s efficiency and overall appeal. Platform and Platform Digital continue to help Palisade in the management of its design assets - ensuring that there is unity across all brand touch points.

The Results:
  • - Increased brand awareness
  • - The website now acts as a primary tool for promotional purposes
  • - Consistent and increasingly growing number of site visits