How to build a mobile site that works

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Have you ever looked around when you’re on your way to work in the morning and noticed how many people are on mobile phones? Whether texting, talking or just browsing a mobile site, it can be overwhelming to see how much the population has gravitated towards using their phone for everything.

At Platform, this mass acceptance of phones is no surprise to us and is the big reason many of our clients ask us for mobile optimised sites. In fact, across all industries, our clients say 20% of their customer interaction is generated by people accessing the web on their mobile phone. While 20% may not seem earth-shattering, to put it in context, if one of our clients has 1 million monthly visitors, 200,000 of them are mobile generated — certainly not a number to overlook.

The marriage of the mobile device and the internet means your customers have access to more information than ever before — and they are hungry for it. The addition of shopping to that combination, or mCommerce, means they not only have the knowledge but the ability to buy wherever and whenever they want to.

Potential customers can and do research purchases from the least to the most significant, before making them. They look into the product, the price, your policies and your company before they commit to doing business with you. And even if they don’t buy online and complete the sale by mobile, they will still scour the web before they come into your store — or use their smart phone to do the research while they’re in there!

Considering the significant role a mobile site now plays in sales and bottom line, it is vital your customers have the best online mobile experience possible — whether partaking in mCommerce, browsing or chatting with you.

Our digital team has come up with a list of four great tips for building mobile optimised sites that will generate sales and build brand.

Make it visible
Like your business website, a mobile site is not likely to be successful if users can’t find it. Mobile optimised sites are just as important as optimised websites. Work with a digital specialist to ensure your site can be found, but doesn’t compete with your existing website in search engine results.

Get it spot on
Creating a great mobile presence is about one thing — making sure you meet the needs of your users. This means not overloading your site with information or trying to fit all your website content in, but simplifying your content for the customer who is on the go. Additional detail can be provided on subsequent pages, but always remember to abide by the KISS principal, ask yourself what they really need to know and limit the number of pages you create.

Make it intuitive, yet creative
Navigation is one of the most important considerations when you build a mobile site — but it’s not always just about keeping it simple. While navigation should be straight-forward and intuitive, over-simplification can decrease interaction with your site. Before developing your navigation, develop your strategy for user centred design. Research what your customers are looking for and get creative with how they travel through your site.

Evaluate and adapt
Your customers, your business and technology in general, are changing all the time. If you want to keep up, it means a crucial part of your mobile site strategy will be measuring response and monitoring and adjusting your site accordingly. The three main steps for evaluation and adaption include:

  • As part of your mobile site strategy, measure your site performance and how satisfied your users are with it. User centred design should be at the heart of your development process.
  • Research your market on a regular basis. Know who and where they are, what they want, how, when and why they want it. Holding consumer focus groups at various points of development will add to your knowledge and build success.
  • Make improvements as needed, according to your research and monitoring. Know what you’re up against in terms of the competition so you can see the benchmark — and work to create a new one!

Like full sites, ensuring your mobile presence is hitting the mark, revolves largely around continual research and ongoing improvement. Investing in a mobile site isn’t a decision to be taken lightly. The fact that over 90% of mobile consumers use smart phones to access the web at least once each week, means the decision is no longer about whether your company needs one or not, but how much time, effort and money you want to invest.

Platform specialises in creating mobile sites for clients across various industries. We develop comprehensive digital strategies that focus on thorough research, starting with consumer focus groups, and we use this knowledge to create a site that will positively represent your business.

For more information about building the perfect mobile business site, please contact Platform on (02) 9911 7788.

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