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Web Design + Usability.

May 07
2 top tools for perfecting web page layout

Staying up-to-date, not only in terms of the information, but also function and web page layout, can make or break a website. Leaving your site update or refresh for too …

Apr 16
3 reasons for using multivariate website performance testing

Your website is one of your best sales and brand-building tools. It is your opportunity to support existing clients and customers or potentially convert interested consumers into new business. To …

Mar 26
How to apply user testing that builds website success

Our clients and customers are a strange and often little-known phenomenon to many of us. Yes, we have demographic information, we know what they are prepared to spend and we …

Feb 12
How to tailor your website for baby boomers

It’s no big secret — the internet has taken over the world. What does seem to be one of the best kept secrets, however, is just how much it has …

Oct 09
Websites and the need for speed

As web development and implementation has advanced, new concepts have arisen that have enabled higher conversion rates and greater success. But as we strive to generate the greatest return, the …

Sep 18
How to create financial websites that count

The rise of LinkedIn has created a new space for professionals to connect, but if you’re a financial professional looking to grow your client base, a networking site will not …

Sep 04
9911 7788Strategic Partnership with ReachLocal

Platform Digital is pleased to announce our strategic and official partnership with ReachLocal Australia, an International Digital Advertising Agency dedicated to providing a total web presence strategy for local businesses. …

Aug 07
Tips for making the National Broadband Network work for your business.

If you’ve managed to sift and sort through election and political spin stories in the newspaper lately, you know the government is quietly undertaking one of the largest infrastructure projects …