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Digital Marketing.

Apr 04
3 tips for taking your annual report online

Your annual report is a significant channel within your communications strategy each year. It is your most compelling connection with stakeholders, some of whom may also be clients or customers. …

Mar 19
Interest for Pinterest

When most of us think about developing a social media strategy for our business, we often don’t get past FaceBook, Twitter and LinkedIn. But with new ideas and advancements popping …

Mar 06
See you at AlwaysOn Australia 2013

The AlwaysOn technology innovation conference touches down in Australia in April — and if you’re part of our global business community you should be there! Over the last decade, business, …

Feb 12
How to tailor your website for baby boomers

It’s no big secret — the internet has taken over the world. What does seem to be one of the best kept secrets, however, is just how much it has …

Jan 15
The 7 essentials for making a great business app

This growing evolution in accessibility is due in part to the introduction of the Internet and rise of the mobile phone two decades ago, but can really be attributed to …

Dec 11
3 top tips for your 2013 digital strategy

While 2013 may be called a lot of things — the year of responsive design, or Pinterest, or mobile apps — one thing is clear, in 2013, business success is …

Sep 04
9911 7788Strategic Partnership with ReachLocal

Platform Digital is pleased to announce our strategic and official partnership with ReachLocal Australia, an International Digital Advertising Agency dedicated to providing a total web presence strategy for local businesses. …

Aug 21
Platform_Blog_How_to_create_a_mobile_app_in_4_simple steps_SML
How to create a mobile app in 4 simple steps

Over the last few years, the mobile app market has exploded. And for good reason. Having an app for your business or promotion is a strong marketing tool that drives …

Aug 07
Tips for making the National Broadband Network work for your business.

If you’ve managed to sift and sort through election and political spin stories in the newspaper lately, you know the government is quietly undertaking one of the largest infrastructure projects …