Best packing boxes to use for moving?

Best for Packing

Small box:

These packing boxes are used for packing books shoes, records, shoes and small appliances. These appliances include items such as a microwave, toaster, etc... This box is known as the "book box". This box is about 1.5 feet. Small moving boxes are so great for transporting smaller, but heavier items. It is best to have heavy items in small boxes because it does not strain the back so much.

Tea Chest Boxes:

Tea chest boxes are boxes meant to keep smaller personal items such as jewelry. These boxes are great because they feel more personalized instead of just having your jewelry put in regular small boxes that other items such as books go into. You can put small knickknacks in these boxes. Tea chest boxes are easy to carry as well.

Medium box:

These packing boxes is for items from pots and pans to lamps. This box is about 3 feet and is used the most in the packing process. These boxes carry average weighted items so it does not strain your back. Make sure to add bubble wrap to ensure your items stay safe and scratch free. These boxes are best for carrying kitchen items such as blenders. The reason why you would put a lighter item such as a blender in a medium box and not a small box because items should tend to be lighter with a bigger box. These boxes are very versatile because it carries the most items meant for transport.

Large box:

These packing boxes are used for lightweight items such as pillows and blankets. The bigger the box the lighter the items should be, so that there is no strain on the person's back. These boxes are about 4.5 feet. These boxes are great for caring bulky items that are lightweight as well. As previously said, it is important to have lightweight items in large boxes to prevent straining on my back. However, make sure to use bubble wrap for these items because the size of the items may not match the box sizes so things could get scratched.


These boxes are used to carry your eating items such as bowls and kitchenware. The boxes come with cell dividers so it is easy to organize your items. It is awful that your new plates may have cracks in them from transit. So, having dishpacks are essential because they keep your items in great shape. Your items are delicate, so to be stress free it is best to take the extra precautions to keep your items looking beautiful. Also, add bubble wrap to make extra sure that your items stay safe.

Mattress box:

Mattresses are very important because they offer rest for the body. Mattress boxes are used for your mattress. These boxes can be any size because mattress can very from twin to king size. These types of boxes are stress free because your mattress will most likely not get ruined in most situations. This is because mattresses are soft so it is more risk free.

Mirror boxes:

These types of boxes are mean't to be the same size as your mirror or glass piece to prevent breakage. It is also important to have bubble wrap to protect the piece from cracks. These boxes are also good for holding your glass items. This allows your items to not be shattered.

Custom crates:

Most people do not use crates, but they are best for antiques, chandeliers, artwork, and etc... Bulky pieces are best for crates because they offer the most protection. Make sure that the crate matches the size of the piece you are putting in them to prevent scratches. These scratches can be any size because they are custom made. They are made to fit the size of whatever you are putting in them. Crates are also good for holding your artwork.

Wardrobe boxes:

These boxes are large and they stand upright so that it is possible to hang your clothing. These boxes help prevent your clothes from getting wrinkled. This causes you to not have to the dry cleaners or iron your clothing right after moving. stand upright and come with a bar for hanging clothing, curtains and draperies. They can keep such belongings from becoming wrinkled on your journey.

For people with with a lot of clothing or even just a little these boxes are life savers because it is a simple transfer from home to home without things getting ruined. The boxes are great because they are made accommodate a lot of weight that the clothing may bear. Anyone who thinking about doing a serious move should consider having this type of box.

Art Crates:

Art crates are great for your bulky art pieces because they keep your pieces looking beautiful. It is important to use bubble wrap to add an extra layer of safety. It is also important to have your crates to match the size of your art pieces because if the crate is to big it can scratch your piece. Whether what you are putting a sculpture or painting in your crate make sure everything is secured for safety purposes.

Plastic Bins:

Plastic bins or boxes are great because they are easy to stack with ease and you can see the items you put in the boxes. They are good storage units that hold items such as Christmas decorations, equipment, etc... These boxes are great because they allow you to move with them, but if you want your items to stay in the boxes, they can. This means that they are meant for storage purposes, so you d not have to unpack if the items inside the box are not a necessity.

TV Boxes:

TV boxes are important because they allow your TV to be safe during transit. It is important that your box fits your TV size, so that your TV will not get scratched during transit. Also, add another layer of bubble wrap to ensure that your TV does not get scratched as well.

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