5 top tips for creating a corporate video with impact

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Over the last two decades, the meaning of the term, ‘corporate brand’, has changed significantly. Before the advent of employer branding, viral corporate video, social media, or CSR, ‘corporate brands’ were simply comprised of a well-applied logo and a reputation constructed using carefully-considered PR tactics.

These days, we have to face facts. With rapid-changes in communication strategy and business technology, our consumers want more than a nice logo and the notable spin of a strong PR team. They want to put faces to the name, voices to the faces and more than anything, they want to feel like they can place their trust in the companies they choose to work with.

And that’s where video comes in.

As a digital specialist, we have watched with keen interest as the demand for video production services has increased dramatically over even the last five years. We’ve seen the online market evolve to a place where YouTube is without doubt one of the top three performing search engines and actively competes with television for prime-time viewers. We’ve coached our clients to move away from traditional, cold, removed approaches to branding, and instead, to give their company a personality and let their people shine.

And while the thought of video editing and video production is very confronting to a lot of companies still coming to terms with the rapidly evolving digital age, it is not something to be afraid of, but a tremendous opportunity that should not be missed.

Having produced a number of highly strategic corporate videos for our clients, we know one thing to be true — if your digital strategy for 2013 doesn’t involve appearing in YouTube or Google video search results, you’re setting yourself up to be left behind.

Where, as companies, we once relied on suit-clad salespeople to advocate on the frontline on behalf of our brand, now consumers don’t trust those with name badges as much as they trust their peers. They don’t care for cold and corporate, they want real people and real promises — in short, openness, honesty and an age of transparency like never before. And if we don’t give it to them — they’ll find it for themselves online, and video is one of the first places they will look.

Recent research has shown that online video now accounts for 50% of mobile traffic. According to Internet Retailer and Adobe, close to half of consumers say they feel more confident in their buying decision after watching product videos. With smart phones now taking over the world, it is clearly evident that people prefer to watch a short video than to scroll through pages and pages of information in order to find something useful. So what does all this mean?

If you’re not on film, you’re missing out!

With 72 hours of video uploaded to YouTube every minute, you not only have to be on film, you have to get it right. These days, producing corporate video means producing something that has real impact. While every video is different and requires a unique approach, our experts have put their heads together and identified five very important points to remember when you create videos for your online consumer market.

  1. Get your customers involved: 78% of consumers trust peer recommendations, only 14% trust advertisements. Rather than taking the hard-sell approach in your corporate video productions, simply ask your satisfied customers to share on video, their enjoyable experiences from doing business with you. Potential new customers will trust their feedback and ultimately this will help build credibility for your brand.
  2. Remember who you’re talking to: just because you know the specialist jargon that goes along with your field, doesn’t mean your customers do — and nor should they. Keep language, video production and concepts simple and easy to understand. Create videos that make sense to the people who watch them and need to believe them.
  3. Promotional video: use carefully constructed videos to highlight your key products and services so you can help your customers make well-informed decisions. Video production services are a great asset when developing promotional videos as you want the end result to be crisp, clean and professional.
  4. Be a specialist: you know your field, so why not offer some free advice and in doing so enable customers to trust you and your brand more. ‘How to’ guides make up a huge portion of YouTube results, so use corporate video to display your know-how and emphasise that you truly are a specialist.
  5. Introduce yourself: Customers are demanding more personal brands that show the people behind the logo. Use video to produce ‘About Us’ pieces that offer the transparency your customers are asking for. While these videos should be professional and well-constructed, it is also important to remember what sort of reputation you want for your brand (and what your customer is looking for) when developing your video concept.

Making an impact means being innovative. One of the best examples we have of true innovation, is video editing and production work we recently completed with employment agency, Work TV. Understanding their candidates’ need to know more about a potential employer, and get away from trawling through line after line of job ads, Platform and Work TV collaborated to produce unique vacancy ads. The ads really exemplified the culture of the employers’ organisations and provided insight a normal job ad can’t.

As business and the consumer market continue to change, and your customers demand to know more about your company, how it works and who’s behind it, video production is something you can’t afford to miss out on. As smart phones evolve, more and more videos on every topic imaginable will be uploaded to YouTube. As social media continues to expand, we all have a valuable opportunity for videos to become viral — and this should be a key part of social media strategy. To ensure you differentiate your company and make a real impact, talk to a specialist in corporate video productions so you can create video that really sets you apart.

For more information about building video into your digital strategy, please contact Platform on (02) 9911 7788.

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