2 top tools for perfecting web page layout

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Staying up-to-date, not only in terms of the information, but also function and web page layout, can make or break a website. Leaving your site update or refresh for too long may have detrimental consequences - the inability to effectively reach customers due to limited capacities, poor brand perception and ultimately, a loss of revenue.

At Platform, one of our biggest messages to clients is: don’t build a great site and then let it down with out-of-date technology, content or functionality. As part of our web design and implementation strategy, we regularly evaluate and assess our sites for required updates and we highly recommend every business should do the same.

To get you started, here’s two highly effective tools we use.

Heat mapping identifies the hot spots

Heat mapping tools should be a part of any human experience strategy. They can be used to help you better know your customers and what they are looking for. They provide you with the insights needed to help you improve your website without needing to the spend big bucks!

Heat mapping tools show visible diagrams or pictures of a given website, marking the most popular areas. With this visual data, you will get to know which kind of images and information consumers look at the most.

Good heat maps will show where people clicked on the site and the area where consumers were most engaged. Based on this information, changes can be made to increase conversions.

Remember, user centered design should be at the heart of every website — and just because your initial site build ends, the focus on your end user should not.

Scroll mapping defines page length

We also use scroll mapping tools as part of our ongoing approach to user centred design. These tools help you to see the parts of your pages that are working and those that are not. While in the past, many businesses have avoided below-the-fold content when possible, it’s difficult to know if users are really abandoning the rest of your content just because they have to scroll a little.

A typical scroll map will show you how far down the page people are scrolling and helps determine the area that visitors leave the page.

This information can help you understand which parts of the page contain the most valuable real estate, so you can capitalise on it.

Combining tools for ultimate efficiency

For deeper-level insights, it is important you also see all the clicks that are coming through across mobile and full sites. We use tools that help you segment these clicks by referral sources, search terms and other elements. This helps you to find the spot where the most valuable click traffic is coming from and allows you to then respond accordingly by adjusting your marketing for better results.

With the results from these tools, you will get insight into what attracts the consumers most and what is of less importance to them. From here, the web page layout can easily be improved and you can ensure a better experience for your customers.

When strategically used in conjunction with an integrated digital strategy, good heat mapping tools can support the outcomes of Google Analytics and therefore provide site owners, business owners and marketers with quality insights for improved results.

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